Matheus Cunha

Matheus Cunha

Systems Engineer and Magician


I’m Matheus Cunha (or just Macunha), a Systems Engineer focused on DevOps and Data Engineering.

Experienced architecting decentralized and highly available systems, launched projects in all major clouds: AWS, Azure, and GCP. Including multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud approaches with on-premises.

I’ve worked as a consultant for various businesses, helping them to be more future-proof and competitive in a highly changing market. Always looking for ways to improve, learn more, and move further. Achieving a higher potential for the businesses and projects I got involved in.

Regarding the techy nerd side, I’m an open-source technology lover high-skilled in Linux, that writes code in Java, Python, Go, JavaScript (Node.js), and Lua.

Mostly, using the following databases:

  • PostgreSQL and MySQL (for relational data);
  • InfluxDB (including TICK stack) for timeseries;
  • Elasticsearch (including ELK and EBK) for logging and searching;
  • Hadoop (HDFS, S3 or Google Cloud Storage) for data warehousing;
  • Kafka as a high-throughput message broker;
  • and Redis for caching and as a medium-throughput message broker.

With Prometheus for infrastructure monitoring being backed-up by InfluxData TICK stack. Ansible to have configuration management as code followed by Terraform (preferably implementing immutable infrastructure), and containers running in production orchestrated by Kubernetes.



  • Cloud Computing (Public and private)
  • DevOps
  • Data Engineering
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Systems Performance