Matheus Cunha

Matheus Cunha

Systems Engineer and Magician



I’m Matheus Cunha (or just Macunha), a Systems Engineer focused on DevOps and Data Engineering.

Experienced architecting decentralized and highly available systems, launched projects in all major clouds: AWS, Azure, and GCP. Including multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud approaches with on-premises.

I’ve worked as a consultant for various businesses, helping them to be more future-proof and competitive in a highly changing market. Always looking for ways to improve, learn more, and move further. Achieving a higher potential for the businesses and projects I got involved in.

Regarding the techy nerd side, I’m an open-source technology lover high-skilled in Linux, that writes code in Java, Python, Go, JavaScript (Node.js), and Lua.

Mostly, using the following databases:

  • PostgreSQL and MySQL (for relational data);
  • InfluxDB (including TICK stack) for timeseries;
  • Elasticsearch (including ELK and EBK) for logging and searching;
  • Hadoop (HDFS, S3 or Google Cloud Storage) for data warehousing;
  • Kafka as a high-throughput message broker;
  • and Redis for caching and as a medium-throughput message broker.

With Prometheus for infrastructure monitoring being backed-up by InfluxData TICK stack. Ansible to have configuration management as code followed by Terraform (preferably implementing immutable infrastructure), and containers running in production orchestrated by Kubernetes.



  • Cloud Computing (Public and private)
  • DevOps
  • Data Engineering
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Systems Performance

Recent Posts

Quickstart: Apache Spark on Kubernetes

Using Apache Spark Operator in Kubernetes to streamline your Big Data workflows with a cloud-native approach without relying on a Hadoop cluster.
Quickstart: Apache Spark on Kubernetes

DevOps: Benefits

Benefits of implementing DevOps culture in business, why this is a feasible option and the DevOps world big picture in-a-nutshell from a business point of view.

DevOps: The Genesis

From where DevOps came and to where we go. DevOps isn’t simply automation, but a whole culture around agile business


Some fun stuff I had the honor to contribute with


ReclameAQUI Data Lake

Containerized Data Lake running on GCP, using Kubernetes (GKE) to orchestrate Apache ecosystem components, with GCS for data storage and BigQuery as the analytical interface. Governance and security fully implemented using existing Google Suite groups and users through LDAP, giving stakeholders full autonomy to consume data from the Lake (with auditing).

Clipping Service News OCR

Media monitoring and news clipping service automation through artificial intelligence, OCR and NLP. Delivering a higher throughput to the operation and creating a true serverless infrastructure to extend its Data Center capabilities.

Dotz Data Labs

Serverless and cloud-managed Big Data architecture using Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP) to support a 360-degree view of customers and partners of Dotz, one of the largest companies in the field of loyalty program in Brazil

Easynvest Data Platform

Hybrid-cloud Data Lake with most of its capabilities running in AWS. Among the main objectives we had the automation of credit analysis, targeted campaigns to investors according to profile and intelligent detection of money laundry

Movida Rent A DevOps

Movida DevOps initial project, responsible for implementing the base for Continuous Deployment, configuration management and improve servers’ security.

Nextel Digital Release

Digital transformation project at Nextel Brazil, which evolved into a product called “Happy”, a digital telephony operator. Improving the user experience and reducing operating costs.